How do we present Pressalit Care’s products in the most powerful visual way?


Create a virtual city sales tool where the products are represented interactively and with a coherent narrative, with the use of 3D Technology.


We wanted to bring Pressalit Care’s product lines to life within the virtual universe, so we had the idea of creating a virtual city as the overall frame that could be used as a virtual sales tool.
This way, the virtual universe can display the many different implementations of the products and the flexibility of the solutions offered by Pressalit Care.


We created an interactive virtual universe, where users can interact with the products and see different implementations throughout different sectors. And as Pressalit Care expand their product lines, our digital solution can be expanded along with them – ensuring an up-to-date presentation of the products in a coherent virtual universe.

“The virtual world that surrounds our products in pressalit SPACES creates a real-life experience, and puts our products into their right context”

Lars Lindbjerg
Marketing Specialist, Pressalit